Placed Orders

1. When placing a order where a purchased service is requiring a SIM card to be mailed to the customer, the purchase date is the date that the service starts, not when the customer receives the SIM card.

2. We activate the SIM card the same day the order is placed, and when activating the service we are also starting a billing agreement with our service provider on that day as well.

3. We need to charge customers 30 days after purchase date for the next months service that way we have time to pay our service provider as well.

4. Please remember we always offer instant activation aswell if you choose to buy your own pre-paid SIM card kit! This method is always prefered being it offers same day activation and skips the wait times!

Service Costs and Promotions

1. Prices are locked to the promotional price until the end of the promotion. Most promotions are permanent but will be outlined on the order page.

2. Absolute ISP will maintain your current price for the life of your service.

Terminations and Cancellations

1. If you would like to cancel your internet service and can not login to the customer billing panel, you may send an email to to request a cancellation of your service!

2. If your service is Terminated due to an abuse, no refunds will be provided. Abuse situations are taken on a per situation basis.

3. Not all abuse situations result in termination. Absolute ISP will make every effort to work with the customer to avoid termination.

4. If you know that you are a data-heavy user and are afraid of going outside of fair-use limits, you are more then welcome to email us ( and ask for a data check to see how much usage has been consumed so far for the month!)


1. Clients are considered active only if the service is paid in full. If a service goes past due it immediately no longer qualifies as active and can be changed to the then current price without notice.

!! International Information!!

2. This service is not intended for international usage! Any usage outside of the US will result in overage charges and will be required to be paid in full to keep the service active. This would be considered an abuse situation and could result in a suspended service or termination. Situations are case by case basis and are dependant on cooperation from the consumer!

Credit Card Payment Information

1. All Credit Card payments are processed though Stripe. You can read Stripes Terms of service at

2. Your credit card info is not saved with us at all! All payment information is stored on Stripe, which have the highest grade security and is their own responsibility to maintain and upkeep!

3. Stripe transactions are associated with a 3% non-refundable transaction fee. In the event of a refund for a payment made via stripe, the 3% transaction fee will be withed.

Refund Policy

1. Absolute ISP does NOT offer a Return Policy for any internet service provided. You order the service, it is now your service. We sign billing agreements with AT&T to pay for that service for one(1) month.

2. Once the service is ordered, its paid for. Absolute ISP is not responsible for signal, coverage, or speed issues in the customers area! The customer must check or be aware of services and speeds ahead of time!

Pastdue Invoices

1. Our service is a Pre-Pay service. Service is not enabled until it is paid in full. Therefore, if you do not pay a due invoice by its due date it will be cancelled.

2. If an account is terminated all billing will be cancelled immediately and you will not be billed further!


1. In the instance of a chargeback, Absolute ISP reserves the right to charge the you the balance of the service plus an additional $25 fee.

2. We reserve the right to visit our terms under Pastdue Invoices to pursue legal recourse if you opt not to comply with us in our resolution attempts.

Service Plan Limits

1. We cannot provide definite signal coverage or speed estimates to customers.

2. Customers are responsible for checking signal and speed prior to ordering from Absolute ISP.

3. Speeds will vary by signal strength and other variables, which Absolute ISP cannot warrant. Service is considered unlimited and, in most cases will always achieve the highest speed possible for the area. Congested areas are subject to throttling and no speed is promised.

4. Our services are offered as a service only. Any network repairs needing to be done will be forwarded to AT&T and are not the responsibility of Absolute ISP.

5. If after purchase and activation a customer determines the service will not work in their area, Absolute ISP will accept no responsibility for this mistake. Refund terms are outlined in the refund section.

6. The full time user plan is limited to 1TB of usage per month. If you use more then 1TB in a month it can result in termination of your service for abuse. This limit is enforced Weekly in the amount of 250GB per week.

7. If your account is flagged for abuse from AT&T there is no undo, or reactivation. Our full time user plan does offer unlimited speeds, however after passing a fair use data limit (250gb per week) video/streaming speeds may be slowed to 480p video quality.